Mission Statement

Why choose Louie Louie Seafood?

We, the team of Louie Louie Seafood, are thankful for the opportunity to serve the highest quality products that will always be as fresh!

     Our Seafood experience started over 100 years ago in Baltimore, MD when Louie Matthews and Louie Chagouris began developing habits that we still cherish today.

imgThe habits of these two men, both named Louie, have become a ten decade tradition. The secret to our success over the years tradition is pure and simple. First, we still seek out and utilize the best source of our seafood products: qualified fishermen. These are the hard working people that consistently bring in the treasures from the sea you’ve come to expect at Louie Louie Seafood. They work hard day in and day out fishing for the treasures of the sea. Next Secondly, as carefully and quickly as possible, we get the bounty from the sea on to our ice counters for your inspection. 

    We have an extensive and proven history in the seafood industry, our methods of producing such high quality seafood products have evolved over the decades. img2 In days of old, Louie and Louie used trains and wagons pulled by horses and mules. Times have changed today, now we use jets and refrigerated trucks to expedite the process of providing your family with exceptional seafood. Though times have changed, but our high quality habits of providing fresh and tasty seafood have not! We will always have your seafood you deserve and should expect with utmost care and speed onto our iced counters and into your kitchens for your health and utmost enjoyment.
 Now with the opening of Louie Louie Seafood here in York, PA, Louie, the grandson of Louie Chagouris, along with his first daughter, Zoe, and her husband, Darryl, as well as the rest of their family, invite you to share many seafood experiences to come!