York's Largest Variety of Fresh Seafood

Looking for a seafood market that has been passed down from generation to generation giving customers safe delicious local high quality seafood.


The Healthy Choice

Seafood not only tastes great, but is a nutrient rich food that is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals like Omega 3. At Louie Louie Seafood Market you can always expect fresh wild caught delicacies.


Why Choose Louie Louie

With over 100 years of experience in the seafood market, we know quality when we see it. We have also established relationships with the best fisherman in the industry. Which transition to the best products for our customers.

Louie Chagouris

Third generation fish merchant Louie Chagouris holds a prime catch at his stall in 1980. Now over 40 years later serving York, PA with his knowledge of seafood.

Fresh off the Boat

When your looking for fresh off the boat seafood for a great price, Louie Louie seafood is your way to go. We choose from the best products from the most experienced fisherman in the industry.